Event Details
​The event is a 200-mile race with a 72-hour cutoff.  Additional cutoffs will occur at 50-mile intervals.  The 50-mile cutoff will be 16-hours, the 100-mile cutoff will be 34-hours, and the 150-mile cutoff will be 54-hours.  Participation will be limited, and registrations will be filled in the order they are received.  The 200-mile race will start at 6:00pm CST on Friday, September 1.

The cutoffs for the 100-mile and 50-mile races will mirror the 200-mile race, with 16-hours for 50-miles and 34-hours for 100-miles.  The 100-mile, 50-mile, and 24-Hour races will start at 6:00am CST on Saturday, September 2.  The non-competitive Pacer option will not have cutoffs, and athletes will receive 72-hours to complete their respective races.  The 150-mile, 100-mile, and 50-mile Pacer participants will have the option of starting on Friday evening or Saturday morning.


The race is America's fastest 200-mile race.  The race is held on a relatively flat, paved course to provide runners the opportunity to perform at their highest level.  All efforts will be made to respect the endeavors of competitive athletes while promoting safe and fun  environment for all participants.

Laps will be recorded by electronic chip timing and will be submitted to USATF record purposes.

You may leave the course at any point in time during the race, but you must return to the same place before continuing. You may not leave and return directly by the timing equipment, to avoid double counting a lap.

Awards will be given in Male and Female categories as well as the overall winner.  Belt buckles will be provided to all runners who complete their respective distances in the allotted time.

​All runners will receive an event specific race shirt, and registered pacers who complete 50 or 100-miles helping their runner will receive a respective pacer belt buckle.

Average temperatures for September 1-4 in the Owasso area are 78, with an average high of 89 during the day and an average low of 67 at night. The record high in September is 109, and the record low is 35.  Please note that 100 degree temperatures are common in Oklahoma this time of year, and runners should be prepared to run in hot and humid conditions.

Important – Weather in Oklahoma in September can be sporadic.  Be prepared with clothing to handle a wet and hot event, but do not overlook the possibility of cold.  In case of rain, we will have a partially covered rest area available for runners, crews, and spectators to keep dry during the race.

Personal Space
We will have tables and chairs for runners to share at the main aid station located at the pavilion.  There is ample space around the course available to set up your own tables and chairs.

Aid Station
We will have a fully stocked aid station throughout the event with water, electrolyte drinks, and food. Volunteers can prepare food upon request and assist runners in every reasonable way.

Race Course
The race route is a 1.13 mile loop located in Centennial Park in Owasso, Oklahoma.  The entire course is paved, but sections of the path are worn and not level.  A large portion of the course is lighted, but visibility will be limited on certain sections at night so headlamps or handhelds are highly advised.  The course is partially shaded, but sections of the course are exposed to the sun, and sun protection is highly advised.  Restrooms will be available on the course at the main aid station.

For questions or additional information, contact:

Wyatt Hockmeyer

Email: whockmeyer@lhotsemanagement.com

​Phone: (918) 640-4880

​​America's Fastest 200-Miler!


Lhotse Endurance Athletes Network (L.E.A.N.) presents the first annual

Labor Day Weekend 2017

September 1-4

6:00 pm CST

Online registration begins at 8:00 am CST on May 10, 2017 and ends at 11:59 pm CST on August 11, 2017

Individual 200-Mile: $475

Individual 24-Hour: $199

Individual 100-Mile: $199

Individual 50-Mile: $149

Individual 100-Mile Pacer (non-competitive): $199

Individual 100-Mile Pacer (non-competitive): $149

Individual 50-Mile Pacer (non-competitive): $99​​​

Register for your respective event here: RACE REGISTRATION

Centennial Park

15301 E 86th St N

Owasso, Oklahoma

2017 Results
The results for the 2017 Lhotse 200 are now available here: 

2017 Results

Congratulations to all of our finishers! 

September 1-4, 2017

6:00 pm CST