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NEW Manager Mentor Program‚Äč

Lesson Overview

Week 1

1. Introduction to Management Concepts

2. 27,940 ft. View

3. Servant Leadership

Pre-Work: Individual Goals Worksheet

Week 2

1. Full-Range Leadership Theory

2. Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership

Pre-Work: Team Assessment

Week 3

1. Providing Feedback

Pre-Work: Desirable and Undesirable Behavior Worksheet

Week 4

1. 1x1s

Pre-Work: 1x1 Observation Template

Week 5

1. Team Meetings

Pre-Work: Team Meeting Observation Template

Week 6

1. Coaching

Pre-Work: Sports Observation Template

Week 7

1. Difficult Conversations

Pre-Work: Team Performance Worksheet

Week 8

1. 30/60/90 Day Plans

Pre-Work: Individual vs. Team Goals Worksheet

Week 9

1. SWOT Analysis

Pre-Work: Personal SWOT Exercise

Week 10

1. Managing Up

Pre-Work: Influencing Outcomes Scenario

Week 11

1. Change Management

Pre-Work: Affecting Change Exercise

Week 12

1. Lessons Learned

2. Debrief

Pre-Work: 12 Month Leadership Plan


The New Manager Mentor Program is designed for employees who are new to the management function and seasoned managers who are in the process of building or taking over a new team and would like a refresher on foundational management principles.  Participants in the program are assigned a mentor to guide them through the coursework and help them develop key management skills.  

Time Commitment

The program lasts 12 weeks and requires a minimum commitment of 2 hours per week.  Each week the participants will speak with their mentor over the phone for approximately 1 hour and complete the necessary pre-work before the call.  The assignments are designed to engage the participant in the upcoming material by observing a real world interaction.  Although the assignments are designed to require approximately 1 hour of work, participants are encouraged to spend additional time understanding how the concepts relate to their current situation.


The program is priced to be affordable for individuals and businesses, and the content is flexible and can be aligned to fit your specific needs.


The mentors are experienced leaders with a scholarly and practical understanding of the course content.  The instructors have served as leaders in some of the world's largest and most innovative companies and understand the challenges of being a new manager.  The mentors have a minimum of a master's degree in management, business, or education and are prepared to help you grow to the next level.